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Changes due to Covid 19

Covid 19 Precautions 


We have taken additional measures during the current Covid 19 pandemic in order to operate as safely as possible.


Whole School Risk Assessment

A whole school risk assessment has been completed in order to ensure risks are managed and reduced as much as possible. Within the Nursery setting, to minimize cross contamination, the number of toys will currently be reduced to those which are able to been cleaned daily. We will also be adapting our timetable so that all of our sessions will take place within the Nursery bubble environment so that there will be no shared spaces with any other year groups. 


Staggered Admissions

We have adapted our previous admissions policy and so in September 2020 we will be only accepting our returning Nursery children (our previous N1s) and children who have applied to our Nursery and have turned three during the current pandemic - in March/April/May/June/July and August. 

Any September/ October birthdays will start in Nursery after the October Half Term. Contact will be made via the address registered on our Waiting List with a Welcome Pack and Letter of Introduction. 


Staggered Session Times

As of September, we will introducing a temporary staggered start time system. 


Bows - Miss Storey/Mrs James

Morning Session - 8.40-11.40am

Afternoon Session - 12.25-3.25pm

Full Time - 8.40am-3.25pm


Shields - Mrs Sanders

Morning Session - 8.45-11.45am

Afternoon Session - 12.30-3.30pm

Full Time - 8.45am-3.30pm


Arrows - Miss Craddock/Mrs Slezak

Morning Session - 8.50-11.50am

Afternoon Session - 12.35-3.35pm

Full Time - 8.50am-3.35pm



Children will have sessions on the importance of handwashing and will be required to wash their hands on entry to Nursery, when they have come in from outside choosing, after using the toilet and before going home. Children will be supervised when handwashing to ensure that washing is done correctly and with support when required. 


PSED sessions

During the Autumn Term, children will have daily carpet sessions where the importance of self-care, managing feelings and routines will be discussed. These could be through social games, talking activities or through a story.


If you have any further questions or worries concerning our school risk assessments please do not hesitate to contact the main reception for further information.