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In Harmony Section

In this section you will find everything that you need to practise for your grade 2 exam. There are copies of the music and backing tracks to play along to. If you are having difficulties, there is contact information for your In Harmony teachers who will be more than happy to help.


These resources are made available by permission of ABRSM, 2020

Please Meet our team.

Hello, I’m Graham Drummond and I’m a music teacher with Nottingham Music Service.  I’m going to be teaching in your school this year!  My main instrument is my voice, but I also play lots of other instruments: violin, viola, cello, bass and percussion, and some basic piano, trumpet and baritone.  As well as teaching in school I’ll also see you at Area Band, where I’m looking forward to working with young musicians and watching you improve your playing skills, whilst making new friends and having fun!


I also get involved with other NMS ensembles, and again, seeing young people making progress whilst having fun doing it and making lasting friendships is really important to me.  I am also looking forward to our big events such as Great Orchestra Experiment which is so inspiring for the young people involved. Going on tour with our senior ensemble, Robin Hood Youth Orchestra (RHYO) is also a highlight of my year. On the singing side I am looking forward to working with our inspirational vocal group Apollo 5 who are amazing each year at the Big Sing.


The advice I would give to anyone learning an instrument with NMS would be, “Go for it! Make mistakes and don’t worry about making them, it is how you learn. Have fun and keep playing. Music is the best!

Hello! My name is Belinda Burnard, and I am a music teacher with Nottingham Music Service.  I’m really looking forward to working in your school this year!  My main instrument, and the one I play best, is the violin.  However, I can also play the viola, cello, guitar and a tiny bit of piano!  I can even play the recorder if absolutely necessary!  In your school this year I will be teaching violin, viola and cello.


I’m also looking forward to seeing some of you at Area Band!  My favourite thing about Area Band is watching you progress and gain confidence, and then perform at our big concerts. 


I also support some of the other ensembles run by NMS.  I love being part of a BIG group of musicians making a huge strong sound!  I will really enjoy helping you achieve this big sound and watching your technique improve so that you are able to take part with confidence.


I love all of the events run by NMS across the City!  I never experienced anything like them when I was a child learning to play, so to be part of them now is wonderful. I think my favourite is the Great Orchestra Experiment as I get to play in the big orchestra as well as support the children taking part. It’s the best of both worlds!


My advice to anyone learning an instrument with NMS would be, “Say yes to everything!  Practice your instrument.  Ask for help if you get stuck.  Don’t worry about making mistakes because that’s how we learn.  And finally, join one of the ensembles as it will help you make progress much quicker!”

Hello, my name is Mahaliah Edwards, but you’ll probably call me Mae!  I’m going to be teaching strings in your school this year.  The main instruments that I play are violin and piano.  As well as teaching in school, I’ll also be supporting you at Area Band, where I’m looking forward to seeing the progress you make from the start of the year at Music Camp to our concerts at the end of the year!


I’m also going to be supporting the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra string players this year. I’m really excited about supporting their music-making, especially in core orchestral repertoire as well as supporting them in fulfilling their potential on their musical journeys.

We are highly fortunate to be part of the In Harmony Project. There are only six other projects across the country.


In Harmony's mission is to transform the lives of children in communities through orchestral music-making.


The core principles of In Harmony are:


  • In Harmony is inspirational and transformational for children, families, schools and communities.
  • In Harmony is modelled around participating in an orchestra
  • In Harmony is immersive - with children playing instruments together several times a week from an early age
  • In Harmony seeks to engage all children in the school or community in which a project operates, and it is open to all
  • Children learn together while playing in an orchestra together.
  • The teaching is of exceptionally high quality
  • As children progress, they help each other to learn and progress


Children at Robin Hood have been involved in the Project since January 2013 and have made great progress.


All children in years 4, 5 and 6 have regular tuition and all have their own instrument to take home. Many staff have embraced this too and are learning alongside the children.


Since then we have performed at the Albert Hall in Nottingham, Held an open air concert in school and performed for parents and carers. 

In Harmony 2019/20

In Harmony has started brilliantly. Year 4 have been issued with their instruments, Year 5 are continuing with their musical notation and Year 3 have doing musicianship lessons with body percussion and song. Some our our Area Band children went and played with the National Youth Orchestra at Emmanuel School, five Year 5 children went to Music Camp and 7 children have been along to Saturday morning Music School which is run by the Nottingham Music Service.

In Harmony - Autumn Term

Youth Orchestra

Still image for this video

Music Camp

Summer Concert 2019

Summer Concert 2019

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Grade 2 practice videos

Follow these links to a youtube video of the 3 exam pieces for grade 2 violins.

Sleeping Beauty


Raggle Taggle




Year 5 Grade 1 Practice Videos


​Click on these links to practice along with the video:

Under The Sea




The Grey Dove 

The Great Orchestra Experiment 2016

Year 4 In Harmony pupils took part in a concert that was out of this world at The Albert Hall in Nottingham on 23rd March 2016!  You can see a video clip of what they got up to from NottsTV here...


GOE orchestra light sabres

Open Air Concert - July 2014

Spring Concert 2014 - Albert Hall

Open Air Concert July 2013