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Animation Topic


This term in Computing lessons Year 3 are exploring how animations are made. We enjoyed finding out about a famous animation called Wallace and Gromit, after watching the film we experimented with an app called I Can Animate on the iPads. Over the next few weeks  we will create our own animations linked to our quest myth topic in literacy. 

Exploring how to create an animation.

Class Robin and Class Friar have had LOTS of fun collaborating with each other to create a setting for an animation.

News reports

As part of our animation topic year 3 have created news reports to inform people that there is a monster in the local area. This is inspired by the Story of Kuang-Li which is a quest myth we have studied in literacy. In this story a fierce dragon named Tan Tian lives in a volcano next to an old village in China. Tan Tian stole all of the village's animals to eat, and then started taking children...