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Mark Making Provision


Mark-making Area


The Mark Making Area is designed to encourage and promote early writing and Mark making of different levels of control. Children are encouraged to shadow write over the letters in their name and practise pencil control sheets in straight lines and wavy lines. Children are encouraged to Mark make with purpose for example - writing their name or writing the name of who their work is for. Children are also encourage to talk about what they have written and to tell more details about their work to encourage communication and language. 

Painting Area

Painting Area


The learning opportunities which take place in the Painting Area include the sharing and the turn taking of the equipment and resources in the Painting Area. Mark making and both gross and fine motor skills are developed during the process of art. Children use art and the use of paint to create and express themselves both moods and feelings can be demonstrated using brushstrokes on the page. 

Panting and art as a process allows children to explore and experiment with colours, forms and textures in order to create a pieces of work in which they feel a sense of pride and confidence in.