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Spring Term 2

Steam Week

For Steam week we based our work on the book What the Ladybird heard. 
Science:- We learned about animals: mammal/bird/reptile and baby names such as foal, calf and kid.

Technology:- Using IPads to take photos of textures.

Engineering:- Building enclosures for the prize cow.

Art:- Collages of the farm.

Maths:- Positional language such as in, on, under and in between.

S.T.E.A.M. Week. Based on the book What the ladybird heard.

Chinese Blossom Water Colours

We were inspired by Chinese blossom watercolours and have been exploring how we can recreate the image. We enjoyed exploring different mediums and mixing colours to create the correct shades.

Robin a Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham 

We have been learning about Robin Hood and The Sheriff of Nottingham. We enjoyed describing the characters and have created wanted posters for the outlaw Robin Hood. Even though he was a robber and an outlaw, we still think he is a good guy!

Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham