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Year 5/6 Basketball competition

Robin Hood and Rise Park had their first meeting of the school year in their Inter Tournaments, starting with a year 5/6 basketball tournament. It was an afternoon filled with great respect, excellent basketball and a brilliant sporting spirit.

Robin Hood had dominated an inexperienced Rise Park basketball team who eventually got better as the afternoon went on. As Rise Park grew in confidence they made games more difficult for Robin Hood to win. However with some great resilience shown by Robin Hood they eventually came away winners this time round. Overall a great afternoon and well done to all those who took part.

Friday 4th November 2016

Nottinghamshire Basketball Friendlies

Ambleside 4, Robin Hood 25

Bradley 6, Chelsea 2, Chloe 4, Leo 4, Nathan 4, Tom 3, Tyler 2
Robin Hood 12, Brocklewood 6

Bradley 2, Chelsea 4, Tom 6

Nottinghamshire Friendlies - 04.11.16.

Thursday 18th November 2016

Basketball Championships Heat

Robin Hood were drawn in Group 1. 

Blue Bell Hill 2, Robin Hood 8

Jasper 2, Nathan 4, Tom 2
Robin Hood 14, Whitemoor 14

Bradley 4, Chelsea 2, Nathan 4, Shai-Lei 2, Tom 2

Robin Hood 14, Southglade 12

Bradley 2, Chelsea 4, Leo 2, Nathan 2, Shai-Lei 2, Tom 2

Robin Hood finished 1st in Group 1 and progressed to the semi-finals.

Old Basford 2, Robin Hood 8

Jasper 2, Leo 2, Nathan 4,

Robin Hood 10, Blessed Robert 6

Bradley 6, Leo 4

Robin Hood won their semi-finals and have progressed to the Basketball Championship Finals on Thursday 1st December.