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Autumn 1


As part of our 'Animals' topic, we have created pictures using the 'Paint' application on the computers. We looked at a wide range of animals, including: Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds and Fish.


Can you tell which animal we have painted?

Class Scarlett

Class Scarlett  1 A Spider by Hannah and Charley
Class Scarlett  2 A Shark by Leo
Class Scarlett  3 A Snail by Owen
Class Scarlett  4 A Lion by Shaner, Joel and Mika
Class Scarlett  5 A Caterpillar by Maddie
Class Scarlett  6 An Elephant by Neave and Curtis
Class Scarlett  7 A Pig by Owen
Class Scarlett  8 A Shark by William and Rebecca

Class Sheriff

Class Sheriff 1 A Fox and a Hedgehog by Carey
Class Sheriff 2 A Bird by Essa
Class Sheriff 3 A Snake by Erin
Class Sheriff 4 A Frog by Leah
Class Sheriff 5 A Pig by Maja
Class Sheriff 6 A Butterfly by Tayla-May
Class Sheriff 7 A Horse by Maja
Class Sheriff 8 A Giraffe by Muruudul
Class Sheriff 9 A Horse by Dagan