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This half term we are learning about

Little Red Riding Hood!


We collaborated in groups to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood in our own way. Some of us decided to draw pictures of the story and some of us created character puppets to retell the story. 

Which character from the story do you think these things belong to? 

We had a letter from Little Red Riding Hood to say that she had taken Grandmother to see the Doctor and he advised that she lead a healthy lifestyle...

We found out that Grandmother should eat healthy foods and exercise regularly to lead a healthy lifestyle, making sure she feels well. 


We learned about healthy and unhealthy foods and sorted these on to two plates.

Can you guess which was our healthy foods plate? 

We e-mailed Little Red Riding Hood to let her know what we had found out... 

We wrote a list of healthy foods that Little Red Riding Hood could take in her basket to Grandmother's house. 

We then thought about other items that Little Red Riding Hood could pack in her basket to take to Grandmother to make her feel better... 

We had another letter from Little Red Riding Hood to ask if we had any ideas about what exercises and movements Grandmother could do outside of her cottage to help her to stay healthy. We went outside in to the wild wood and came up with lots of different exercises for Grandmother to do. Here we are: hopping, skipping, jumping, running and jogging. 

We drew a map for Little Red Riding Hood to show her the different exercises that we had thought of for Grandmother to do outside her cottage...

Little Red Riding Hood sent us another letter to tell us that she had been to the see the Doctor with Grandmother and she is feeling better BUT she is becoming a little confused in her old age... She couldn't remember where her HEAD was!! We labelled a body to send to her so that she can remember exactly where all of her different body parts are. 

Little Red Riding Hood sent us a letter to tell us that she had been learning about the senses at school. She could not remember them all though so we needed to help her out. Can you name all 5 senses? 

We used our senses to talk about things that we could see, hear, smell, taste and touch.


What can you see now? Can you hear any sounds? Is there anything that smells around you? Can you name something that we can taste? What can we touch?  

Little Red Riding Hood wanted to know if we knew why her teacher had told her that she should always wash her hands before eating her sandwiches.

Why should we wash our hands before eating? 


We did an experiment to find out what would happen to bread if we touched it without washing our hands and then we tested what would happen to a piece of bread that had been touched with clean hands. 

What do you think happened? 

We predicted that the bread which had been touched with dirty hands would go mouldy quickly and would change colour because it was full of germs. 

We looked at the importance of washing our hands in order to stay healthy. We did a glitter experiment, using the glitter as germs, to show how easily germs spread. 

We put a sprinkle of glitter on our hands. We then closed our hand and opened it again and looked at how they had spread. We then touched our partners hands and watched how the germs spread even further. Some of the germs even spread to our faces because we touched our faces whilst doing the experiment. 

Germs spread very easily!

Please make sure you


Here are the results from our experiment.

What can you see? 

We went on a trip to the Teddy Bear Factory. We made a wish for a healthy heart for our Class Bear because we know to have an Amazing Life, a healthy heart is important. We named him Super Scarlett. 
To finish off our topic we thought about what makes Little Red Riding Hood Amazing! We came up with lots of different adjectives to describe her. Here are some that we thought of: lovely, kind, caring, helpful, pretty, friendly, sweet, cute, beautiful, red dress and red cape.