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School Council 2022-23

Proudly introducing Robin Hood school council 2022-2023 😊

Primary Parliament 7th November 2022. This year the Year 6 school council representatives attended Primary Parliament. The theme was how can we make Nottingham a sanctuary, a safe and welcoming place for all. The children were an absolute credit to themselves and the school.

The School Council children were given the opportunity to vote for a charity. The charity they voted for was the ‘Rainbow Trust’ charity. This week one of our representatives wrote a letter to the trust which accompanied a donation raised by the school.

The School Council spent the day in Nottingham city on a ‘Nottingham’s Child Friendly City’ day. The main objective of the session was to share and discuss the children’s views on the city and what they want to see in the city of Nottingham. They also highlighted the importance of children’s voices and that adults are duty bound to support children in their community, without discrimination, with respect of their views and with their best interests. The children thought of some excellent ideas of what they would like to see. Some examples are clean rivers, more trees for wildlife, city Ferris wheel all year, park for children in the market square plus many more. The children then voted on three key priority badges which will help inform the direction Nottingham will move to. The top three were safe and secure, family and belonging and healthy, education and learning. The children were an absolute credit to themselves and the school. Well done to the School Council Reps.

We are very proud to be donating money to the Rainbow Trust charity. We sent the money we raised to the charity alongside a letter written by one of our School Council Reps and we were delighted to receive this as a reply with a certificate!

Three members of our School Council ventured back to the Council House on the 27th June 2023, where they engaged in literacy and drama activities and met an author. The children were, again, role models in their representation of the school and we couldn't have been prouder.