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Summer Term 1

Since we are doing Remote Learning, we will use this page to celebrate the work that you do at home. Send in your pictures and we will upload as many as we can.

In our suggested home learning, we are trying to be mindful of the fact that access to technology is an issue for some families. Most of the work that we are suggesting can be done with pencil and paper, after having read a document or watched a video, (although we know that some of the maths will be easier if you can print sheets off). It is always fine for your child's work to be a good discussion about the subject of the lesson.


Please, acknowledge our emails and send us your feedback, so that we can make sure that we are doing what we can to support you in supporting your children.

The Romans


Research and pictures

Research and pictures 1 A wonderful Roman Baths poster
Research and pictures 2 Great research
Research and pictures 3 James' Roman sword and shield
Research and pictures 4 Great poster about Romans from Regan
Research and pictures 5 Paige’s Boudicca reading comprehension.
Research and pictures 6 Chloe has been busy learning about Roman soldiers.
Research and pictures 7 Adam’s great 3D sketch of a Roman baths.
Research and pictures 8 Research about the Roman invasion from Luke
Research and pictures 9 Paige finding key information
Research and pictures 10 Excellent research
Research and pictures 11 Roman invasion timeline from James
Research and pictures 12
Research and pictures 13
Research and pictures 14
Research and pictures 15 Regan’s Roman research
Research and pictures 16
Research and pictures 17
Research and pictures 18
Research and pictures 19
Research and pictures 20 Super diagram of a Roman road
Research and pictures 21 Millie examining some Roman coins
Research and pictures 22 Roman Villa design complete with pool and gardens!
Research and pictures 23
Research and pictures 24 Super Roman Villa

Aquaducts were used to carry water from the lakes to the towns.

Aquaducts were used to carry water from the lakes to the towns. 1 Luke's aquaduct
Aquaducts were used to carry water from the lakes to the towns. 2 Lila’s super aqueduct research


Still image for this video

The making of an aqueduct model

Still image for this video

Roman coins

Roman coins 1 Hard at work
Roman coins 2 Super coin designs
Roman coins 3 Super coin designs


Battle w.b 4.5.20

TTRockstars wb 11.5.2020

Creative ideas

Creative ideas 1 Larenzo’s dinosaur enclosure.
Creative ideas 2 Paige designed her chocolate bar.
Creative ideas 3 Larenzo with his aquarium.
Creative ideas 4 Yummy Easter cake.
Creative ideas 5 Making fruit skewers.
Creative ideas 6 Fausta was busy baking.
Creative ideas 7 A family time capsule.
Creative ideas 8 Chloe with her collection of purple objects.
Creative ideas 9 Millie aiming to get her Brownie badge.
Creative ideas 10 Adam designed the wrapper for his chocolate bar.
Creative ideas 11 Regan’s rainbow of support for the NHS.
Creative ideas 12 Leo’s design of a driverless tractor.
Creative ideas 13 Cool baking!
Creative ideas 14 Luke getting ready for VE Day
Creative ideas 15 Regan’s freehand drawing.
Creative ideas 16 Family games time
Creative ideas 17
Creative ideas 18 Yum yum
Creative ideas 19 Rainbow fruit
Creative ideas 20
Creative ideas 21 Homemade pizza- yummy!
Creative ideas 22 Some Science
Creative ideas 23 Great drawing
Creative ideas 24 Lockdown drawings by Hugo
Creative ideas 25 Organising a VE Day street party
Creative ideas 26 Adam’s model of the Earth
Creative ideas 27 Beautiful rainbow!
Creative ideas 28 Sharing biscuits with their street for VE Day
Creative ideas 29 Mrs Whiting’s creative carton challenge
Creative ideas 30 Millie’s painting
Creative ideas 31
Creative ideas 32 Doodle creative challenge
Creative ideas 33

Science experiment

Still image for this video

Class Robin video

Still image for this video