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Autumn Term

This week, class Sherwood enjoyed an exciting trip to see Dick Whittington at the pantomime! We all had a fabulous time.

After reading the story about Buddy the orangutang Class Forest decided to find out more about deforestation of rainforests. We found out that rainforests are being cut down to grow palm oil trees. Palm oil is used in lots of products that are made by the company Nestle. We wrote letters to Nestle asking them about the use of palm oil in their products and we got a reply.  

This week in class Sherwood, we have been writing rhetorical questions about the rare and wonderful animals that  live in the rainforest.

More photos from class Sherwood’s trip to the tropical rainforest!

This week has been assessment week in year two. We have all taken it it turns to join in some fun activities in the hall whilst the assessments were taking place in the classroom. There was play dough, an animal hospital, a selection of books, pudsey bear crafts, colouring, Lego and a car track. 

Class Forest had a fantastic time at the Tropical Butterfly House. We explored the rainforest environment in the tropical house. We were immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of a tropical habitat and got to know the animals who live there. 

This week in class Sherwood, we enjoyed our trip to the tropical butterfly house in Sheffield, as part of our topic on rainforests. We had a great day!

This week in class Sherwood, we enjoyed dressing up for the halloween disco. We had lots of fun and it was super exciting! 

This week in class Sherwood, we have been learning to keep a beat, and using a variety of instruments to form a samba band. 

This week in Geography Class Forest has been comparing man made and physical features in Skegness and the Amazon Rainforest. 

This week class Sherwood have been counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, forwards and backwards. We were able to notice the patterns to check the accuracy of our work.

Class Forest have been exploring feelings in PSHE. We discussed helpful and unhelpful ways to respond to someone who is feeling an unhappy feeling such as worry or sadness. 

Class Forest have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We collaborated with a partner to sort and label the shapes. 

In PSHE Class Forest have been thinking about how we can create our perfect classroom. We came up with lots of ideas and made a paper chain with them. 

In Class Forest this week we have been partitioning numbers in different ways.m

This week in class Sherwood, we have been working on throwing and catching with accuracy and power!

This week in class Sherwood, we have discussed strategies for dealing with strong emotions. 

This week, in class Sherwood, we have been clarifying the meaning of new vocabulary. We applied our learning, and wrote in a sentence with an adjective and a verb in.

This week, in class Sherwood, we have been talking about how to create a happy, safe and stimulating classroom. The children had lots of great ideas!