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This term our key question is 'Where in the world are we?'.

We are going to be looking at our local area- Bestwood; our city- Nottingham; the 4 countries which make up the UK; and the different continents and surrounding oceans. This half term within English, we will be looking at the story of 'Robin Hood' and for the second half term we will focus on 'Handa's surprise'. 

To launch our topic for this half term, we visited Nottingham Castle.

We had a brilliant time learning about Robin Hood, the castle and what life was like years ago. 

While we were there, we made our own animal masks and some of us dressed up as some of the famous characters from the story 'Robin Hood'.

Can you guess what and who we were?


We also did some observational drawings of the castle while we were there. 

We have been looking at 'The Story of Robin Hood'. We did some role play to act out different parts of the story. We thought about body language and facial expressions to show feelings. 

Jack, the little boy in our story, saw a 'shadowy figure flit from roof to roof'. It was Robin Hood! We thought about how Jack might feel seeing Robin Hood from his window. Can you guess what we thought from our expressions? 

Jack's father is arrested and Jack is helped by Robin Hood and his Merry men to save him. In order to save Jack's father, Robin Hood and his Merry men trained Jack to become just like them, shooting arrows with skill and speed.

Can you guess how we thought Jack might be feeling working with his idol Robin Hood and his Merry men? 

Finally, Jack's father is rescued. We thought about how Jack might be feeling when he is reunited with his father.

Can you guess what we thought? 

As part of our learning about the locality, we visited Bestwood Park church. We found out about different areas within church and different things that you find at the church and what they are used for. 


We went on a walk around the local area to see what there is. We drew maps of our locality. Some of the things we saw included: Bestwood Stores; the nursing home; Oxclose lane police station and Sandybanks; Bestwood Park church and Southglade school. 

We also went on a walk around our school grounds and drew maps of our school. 

We collaborated in groups to retell the story of Robin Hood! 

As part of our topic work we have been learning all about the 4 countries which make up the UK.

Do you know what they are? 

Some of us made the English red rose and Big Ben models from the construction; some of us drew pictures and wrote labels about things related to the four countries; some of us used phonics bricks to sound out words related to England. 

We also did some food tasting of Irish and Welsh delicacies.  

We then collaborated in groups to write fact pages/posters about Scotland.