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Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo...

This term, across school, Romeo and Juliet is our focus text. Written by William Shakespeare, this beautiful story sees two star-crossed lovers die as a result of the ongoing feud between their families; the Montagues and the Capulets.


We have engaged really well with this text and with Mrs Whiting, we have started to put together a short performance that includes famous lines from the original story. A great experience and fantastic to see so many of us using actions, voices and facial expressions to put on the perfect performance.


With Mr Gray on Tuesday afternoons, we have been developing our gymnastics skills in PE. We have focused mainly on creating sequences that include rolls, jumps and different ways of moving from place to place. To help these look professional, we have learned ways to begin and end a performance.

We have made lots of progress in Maths this half term, mainly focusing on multiplication and division, but also looking at area and perimeter of shapes.


As always, we have used as many practical resources and activities as possible to further develop our understanding. Here we are using place value counters to understand exchanging when dividing and also using post-it notes to measure the area around the classroom.