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Autumn Term 1

Our first few days in Foundation 2. We have settled in brilliantly and are already showing respect, understanding of the rules and are very fast at tidying up! We have enjoyed our first Phonics, Maths and PE session with our new class and continue to aim high!

We had a fantastic Parents Afternoon, where we learnt to make salt dough, dance to Dough Disco and then teach the children the new skills we had just learnt.

We have been incredibly busy this half term, learning all about ourselves through Superheroes. We have discovered new things about ourselves and made new friendships and developed new interests. We have learnt all about our Learning Charter and how to be resilient and proud, as well as welcoming challenges and showing each other respect. We have enjoyed rewarding one another with Marvellous Me badges and continue to promote praise and well being in our Foundation setting, making sure everyone feels positive and proud!
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