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Eco Club

Eco club is always a popular choice, Eco being short for ecology. The aim is to learn to look after the environment, starting with the school’s outdoor environment. We want the children to enjoy caring for wildlife, filling the school bird feeders is so popular we have it on a weekly rota. We also make bird feeders to help the birds in winter. The children love caring for the school outdoor areas by litter picking with appropriate equipment. We like the children to design posters about caring for the environment to be displayed outside. Additional activities vary depending on the season e.g. bird scarers from recycled materials during the growing seasons. 

Filling the school bird feeders

Planting wild flower seeds to provide food for bees, butterflies & other insects.

Litter picking

Working down in Forest school hanging up our home made bird feeders & litter picking.

We made paper aeroplanes out of scrap paper, the reusing part of the 3 R’s. (Recycle; Reuse; Reduce). The children then held a competition for who’s went the furthest.