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Autumn Term

The first week back has certainly been a busy one in Year 3 with the children exploring rocks in Science, cities in Geography, agility in PE, exploring Purple Mash to find out more about rocks and cities in Computing, swimming for Class Friar, place value and angles/turns in Maths and metaphors, synonyms, angry weather and homophones in English and spelling plus RE and Art! 
They have blown us all away with their resilience (particularly in this heat!) and their thirst for knowledge, as well as the respect they show one another. It has been an excellent start to what promises to be a very exciting year. 

Lots more happening in year 3, with rock experiments, local area walk where we observed man made and natural rocks and some super coding and spellings!

In Autumn 2 we will be focusing on the Stone Age. 

We will be focusing on our project question of 'Which invention had the most impact?' 

On our first day back after half term, we will be delving into our Project Launch Day, where we will be engaging in different activities throughout the day all linked to the Stone Age. This will be a fantastic day and a great way to be introduced to this time period in a fun and activity based way! 


Our Stone Age launch day was a big success. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot about this time period through creative activities. 

This week in maths we have been working very hard to work collaboratively. The children were excellent at this and it really shone through how supportive they are of one another. 

Computing - we have been learning how to type using both hands. We started with the Home Row Keys and will move on to the rest of the keyboard in the coming weeks. 

Well done to Sira and Dylan for working exceptionally hard on their reading at home! What fantastic learning logs! 

Super spellings this week from Harry and James! 

We’ve been working hard in DT to create a healthy snack bar. On Monday the 11th of December, our parents will be visiting our classroom to try out our bars! 

The children were fantastic at applying their typing skills and wrote their first paragraph about the Stone Age.