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Spring Term

This half term the children will be learning about the Bronze Age. 
Today we had our launch day, where the children participated in beaker design and making, weaving and brooch crafting. Take a look at some of our work! 

Our first Computing lesson back after Christmas and we are creating our own PowerPoints to showcase the inventions we have learnt about already. We can’t wait to upload them on to the website!

Today we carried out our science investigation to test friction. We used a Newton metre to see how much friction there was between our trainers and surfaces.

On Friday the 12th of January, we had a busy afternoon of adding information to our Powerpoints in Computing, as well as improving our samba dance routines.

Today has been another busy one in Year 3, with children exploring magnetic properties in science and using concrete resources in maths to show multiplying,

History - we are continuing to focus on the Bronze Age. Today we grouped artefacts (sources) according to similarities. We also discussed what we thought they were, what impact they may have had and how they were used.

Another super science lesson. Today we focused on the compass and the magnetic field created by the Earth. We were very excited when our paper clips moved!

It’s been a very busy Monday! The children have learnt about Roundhouses in History, road safety and keeping safe in PSHE and then column multiplication in maths!

This week the children have been busy learning about road safety ahead of our road safety quiz. Also, the children have been borrowing the year 5s published writing book to read through some of the excellent pieces of work. This has inspired us so much that we now also have our own book to celebrate our writing and we will be encouraging other classes to read our work and leave a written review!

We really enjoyed our visit to Arnold Road church this morning, where we learnt a lot of information about the life of Jesus. We listened to stories as they were hot seated for us and then we had to find the answers to our questions by locating the correct board. It was a lot of fun!

In Science, we have been creating our own magnetic game.

In our Computing sessions, the children have been creating their own PowerPoints to present their knowledge of the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. Here are some of the slides which they produced.

The children have really enjoyed their foundation subjects of Science and Computing today. In Science, we made our own simple circuits. The children worked really hard on these and had to show resilience and problem solving when the circuits didn’t work. In Computing, the children were exploring Google Earth, which they were very excited about!

Some very good entries in learning logs this morning 😊

We have had a great time at Magna Science Adventure Centre. We have explored all four elements and participated in the workshop where we created complex circuits.

In the last couple of weeks we have been writing our recount of our Magna trip, sketching a map of a familiar area, creating and experimenting with circuits and visiting the Nottingham Contemporary!

Some amazing examples of spellings 😊

Some seriously impressive learning logs and spelling books this week 😊

In our DT sessions last week, we looked into mechanisms. First, we created a prototype of a lever and then moved on to linkages using spout pins and card strips. We then designed a moving poster to advertise Magna Science Adventure Centre, where we visited in February. Finally, we made our moving posters.