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Autumn Term 1

On Wednesday 19th September, we spent a day learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to get us excited and engaged by our new Topic. Jen came into school dressed as a Saxon warrior and display all of her weapons -  did you know swords were very rare for the Anglo-Saxons as they were so expensive to make?


We then went into classroom to learn about their Daily Life and identified old household items such as a comb and flint. We drew the items and had to discuss the uses.


We ended the day back in the hall, acting out the story of Beowulf. This was a great end to such an interesting day!

New arrivals!

This year we are incredibly fortunate to have welcomed four feathered friends to Robin Hood! Mr Beeston is our chicken expert and we are enjoying looking after them. All four of our chickens are girls and have been named by classes across school; here's a little bit of information about each of our chickens.


Rosie is the white hen, she is the most friendly and came runner up in the 2018 Hen Racing Championships.


Oreo is the black and white hen, she is settling in nicely but doesn't like too much fuss. A little mischievous too!


Ginger is the plain orange hen, friendly and not too greedy when it comes to snack time.


Eggna is the one with the black tail. She is unsure at the moment and has already escaped once. When she starts laying, her eggs with be blue!

In Harmony

We are very excited to have started In Harmony sessions in Year 4. Each of us is either learning to play the cello, viola or violin and will be supported on a Monday and Tuesday by Graham and Belinda.