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Spring Term

Spring 1 - 2022


Traditional Tales - The Three Little Pigs


This term, our topic is Traditional Tales, and our focus story for the first half term was The Three Little Pigs .  Many of our activities within our provision have been based around the story, with lots of opportunities for children to develop a range of skills, from building their own houses, creating different crafts and engaging in different roleplay activities.  Here is what we have been up to! 


We used different blocks to print shapes onto the three little pigs houses.  We chose good shapes to print with for bricks, sticks and straw, and used or fingers to print the tiles on the roof. Once the paint had dried, we decorated the houses with different embellishments, windows and doors.  These houses are now pride of place on our topic display board, along with a cottage for our next topic.  I wonder which Traditional Tale we will be learning about after half term that might have a cottage in a wood? 🏡

The children have really enjoyed the story of The Three Little Pigs.  We have read the story many times over this half term, and the children have been extending their learning by accessing the provision throughout the day and using their imagination.  Here are some photographs of the children incorporating the story of The Three Little Pigs into their play, from reading the story themselves and role play activities to building houses for the three pigs in the construction area! 

Gross Motor Development 

At Robin Hood Nursery, children are given the opportunity to spend much of their day outside.  Our new road is a big hit, with many children enjoying developing their gross motor skills on the bikes, cars and scooters. It’s great to see how their confidence grows during their time at nursery, as we see those first tentative pushes on the balance bikes, to them challenging their friends to a race later on!



Here we are developing our gross motor skills in the nursery garden. So many opportunities to develop those gross motor skills, from running, jumping, skipping and climbing, to throwing, hitting and catching balls and bean bags!


Spring 2 - 2022

We have been learning all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and have read and listened to the story in lots of different formats.  We particularly enjoyed learning the Makaton signs as we retell the story and sing the Goldilocks song. Here are a few of of our children signing Goldilocks, House, Bears, Big, Small and Tiny for you to see at home. Maybe you could use these signs if you are reading this story at home?



After carpet sessions, children use the provision to extend their learning about the story.  Here, the children are using the Sticklebricks to support their storytelling.  They used the bricks to create three beds, for Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear, as well as three chairs and three bowls of porridge.  All the while explaining to me which sized bricks they needed for each part and why. They then used them to retell the story.  Some fantastic  language was used from the story, and great communication! Well done!

We used loose resources to create our own bear pictures.  Children thought very carefully about which pieces they could use for the different features of a bear's face.  Didn't they do great!