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Summer Term

First day back after the Easter holidays and the children have been busy! In the afternoon, they made flip book animation cards for Computing and impressed with their amazing learning logs!

The children have been exploring plants today in Science. We looked closely through microscopes and then discussed the functions of each part.

A super PE session this week, where the children have been working together to create a stable hula hut which they can sit in and climb through.

Another week of excellent learning logs and spelling books 😊

The children have explored transportation in plants today by conducting several experiments. They learnt about xylem, capillary action and how plants need water to survive.

The children have been using the animation app on the iPads. It took a little while but we saw plenty of amazing animation clips once we got started!

Excellent spelling books and learning logs this week. These are the ones that particularly blew me away!!

The children have been learning about seed dispersal and germination in science. We were very excited to see our seeds had started to germinate and some had grown long shoots! We looked closely at different seeds and investigated how they disperse.

A lot of team work discussion this morning. In PSHE we discussed the team work of our organs and how they keep us alive. We then went into PE and worked in teams to score the highest points 😊

Some excellent spelling books and learning logs this week 😊

Too many great spelling books and learning logs to choose from!! Well done!

In English, the children have been learning about explanation texts. We researched into them and then annotated several. We then wrote each section of our own explanation text about the life cycle of a plant ðŸŠī

The children have been discussing their love of nature today. We then wrote a short quote about what we love and why.