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PE and sport premium for primary schools


The Government is spending millions of pounds on improving physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools over the academic years up to 2020.


The government has provided additional funding to improve the provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools.  Schools must spend the funding on improving the quality of the PE and sports activities they offer, so that all pupils develop healthy and active lifestyles. Since September 2013, schools have been held to account over how they spend their additional funding. Ofsted have strengthened the coverage of PE and sport within the 'Inspectors Handbook' and chief medical officers guidelines, so that both schools and inspectors know how PE and sport is assessed as part of the school’s overall provision.   


Robin Hood Primary School Overall Intent for PE and Sport:


Physical Health and Wellbeing is always at the forefront in PE sessions & Sport at Robin Hood Primary School. Over recent years as a school we have asked two questions, these questions we see as important not only for the school but also for our staff and pupils to understand what our intent is for physical education and sport at Robin Hood Primary School.


 1.Why Is Physical Education, Sport, Health and Wellbeing have such a purpose at Robin Hood Primary School?

 2.How is PE, Sport and Health and Wellbeing going to be sustainable for the future?


Why Is Physical Education, Sport, Health and Wellbeing have such a purpose at Robin Hood Primary School?


 The purpose, and belief of Robin Hood is because school sport has so much potential to become a focal point in school life. School Sport at Robin Hood also links perfectly into the schools vision and ethos… “To be a community of learners, children, staff & parents Aim High to Excel & Exceed” 

We believe as a school, management team and all school staff that motivating and inspiring all learners can embrace challenge with resilience. Show respect and collaborate well with others so they can achieve excellence. Our school ethos allows Sport, Health and Wellbeing play a huge part to help the school achieve excellence in other areas of the curriculum. Without the huge influence of Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity, the health, Wellbeing and happiness of our pupils would be greatly affected. Although we do lots as a school to achieve success there is always room for improvement and room for greater success.



 Sustainability, this has been a key message from the Government upon the release of the Sports Premium Funding. Our staff at Robin Hood are a very Hardworking and passionate team, the team strives to ensure that everything is done purposefully with the understanding that it will need to be done over again to remain sustainable. Staff have been very receptive to all CPD opportunities and have ensured that programmes of work have been fulfilled and repeated. From this staff are more dedicated and confident to fulfil high quality Physical Education sessions, active classrooms, and enjoy whole school projects. 


Please see the documents below to see how we've allocated this funding and the impact it has had.​​​​​​​

Please see our sporting achievements in the motivate and inspire section of the website by following the link below:
If you require a paper copy of any of the above documents you may request one from the school office.