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Spring Term 1

Class Sherwood had great fun on China day, Chinese dancing, catapult making, creating tanograms and designing our own Chinese lanterns. 

Class Sherwood China Day.

Class Forest had a fantastic China day. They used their design and technology skills to create a money envelope. Their engineering skills to make a marble run. Their art skills to create a lantern and to perform a dance. They also learned to speak some Mandarin. Mrs King was very proud of them all! 
We were fortunate enough to have a drama morning across year 2. We recreated the events of the Great Fire of London. We even had our very own Thomas Farriner! We loved acting out the human chains carrying buckets of water from the river Thames to burning houses, pretending to pull down houses to stop the pathways of the fire and we even became the fire starting in Pudding Lane. 

Drama Morning!

Class Forest have been working collaboratively in dance depicting London past and present. We have made bridges, travelled in the style of London past (1666) and created still scenes of the city of London. Well done, a brilliant half term’s work.
Class Forest had a great time working with Joe this afternoon. We learnt about cricket, teamwork and what makes a good team player.