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Summer Term

Summer Term


We celebrated International Nurses Day on Wednesday 12th May. Do you know why International Nurses Day is celebrated on this date each year? It’s because it is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Florence Nightingale is probably the most famous nurse in history. She changed hospitals for the better. 
As part of our theme day, we made lanterns (as Florence was known as the “Lady with the Lamp”), we drew portraits of Florence and we had a demonstration of how to bandage wounds. We had a go at bandaging each other. 

Postcard nominations this week...

This week in Class Forest, we are celebrating Harley Finch, for a super portrait drawing of Florence Nightingale. Harley concentrated beautifully, showed resilience and included lots of detail in his portrait. Well done! 

This week in Class Sherwood, we are celebrating Esohe Irughe, for her super thirst for knowledge in our new project. Esohe has shown her self to be a reflective and autonomous learner who can reflect on feedback given to progress in her learning . As a result, she has written an interesting and informative biography on Florence Nightingale. Well done Esohe, you should be incredibly proud of your self!


Postcard nominations this week ...

This week in Class Forest, we are celebrating La’Mour Campbell-Tucker. La’Mour is an enthusiastic and humorous member of Class Forest. He entertains the adults and his peers on a daily basis. He’s got rhythm and is a brilliant dancer!! La’Mour has been trying hard with his phonics and reading and has recently moved up reading stages too. Well done, La’Mour! 

This week in Class Sherwood, we are celebrating Jenson Bentley, for having an excellent attitude towards his learning. He has shown great resilience in Maths when solving addition and subtraction number sentences and has used his understanding to support others. You have made fantastic progress this week, keep up the hard work! 


This week we have chosen our Aiming High nominations.

In Class Forest, we have chosen Summer-Leigh Gwynne. It has been lovely to see Summer-Leigh’s confidence grow this year. Summer always has her hand up, ready to contribute to discussion and share her ideas. She has made some brilliant progress, particularly with her reading and writing, and you can always rely on Summer-Leigh to be doing the right thing. You are an asset to Class Forest, and we love having you in our class. Well done! 

In Class Sherwood, I have chosen Destiny Stephens for showing an excellent attitude towards her learning. She puts 100% effort into every task she is given and is always willing to try new things. This term, Destiny has completed additional homework tasks in both Maths and English and has written a fantastic biography on Florence Nightingale. She demonstrates a great thirst for knowledge and is always eager to find out more. During class discussions, she asks relevant questions and contributes her ideas with confidence. Destiny is an asset to Class Sherwood and a role model to many. She should be incredibly proud of herself, and the effort she puts in to her learning. 

Keep up the amazing work!

In Class Sherwood, I have chosen Rico Lowe for showing fantastic resilience and perseverance in tasks that he finds challenging. This term, Rico has contributed more to class discussions and has asked thought provoking questions. He has captained a team of peers in Computing and has supported others to change the font style, size and colour on Microsoft Word. Rico shows great compassion and empathy for others and shows respect to everyone he meets. He can be relied upon to follow the school’s Golden Rules and has shown himself to be a reflective learner. You should be incredibly proud of the progress you have made this term, keep up the great work!

Postcard nominations this week ...


Postcard nominations this week...

This week in Class Forest, we are celebrating Ashanti Bartley. Ashanti has demonstrated a real thirst for knowledge by completing lots of extra Maths and English work at home. Well done, Ashanti! 

This week in Class Sherwood, we are celebrating Alfie for showing great enthusiasm in his learning. During all of our English lessons, Alfie has asked thought provoking questions and made great contributions to class discussions. He showed great leadership skills when working collaboratively with his peers and came up with some fantastic adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe the coral reef. 

Well done Alfie, keep up the great work!


Postcard nominations this week...

This week in Class Forest, we are celebrating Lilly Papworth. Lilly has made some brilliant progress in phonics recently. She is applying her learning within our phonics sessions and her writing is becoming more accurate. Well done, Lilly! 

This week in Class Sherwood, we are celebrating Eva-Lee Hallam for continuing to show great enthusiasm in her learning. In maths, Eva-Lee has made fantastic contributions to class discussions and has supported others within their learning. In English, she showed fantastic teamwork skills as she listened to her peers and took turns when changing the past tense verb into present tense. Keep up the great work and positivity Eva-Lee!