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Autumn Term

This week in maths we have been using pictorial drawings to solve two digit number problems.

In science we are learning about habitats. We explored the micro habitats in our school grounds and looked for the creatures that live there. We are lucky to have so many habitats to explore in our school grounds including a meadow, woodland and pond. 

We had a great time today for Future Me Day. We had a go at the tough runner challenge, on the school field, made rocket pictures and had a visitor talk to us about the rainforest. We also made a film about the jobs we would like to have in the future using a green screen. 

We enjoyed creating animal habitats in Science. We know that different animals are suited to different habitats and that a habitat provides shelter, food and safety. 

This week we visited the Tropical Butterfly House in Sheffield and we had a fantastic time. We explored the rainforest environment in the tropical house. We were immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of a tropical habitat and got to see some of the animals who live there. We even got to hold a lizard, cockroach and a stick insect!