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Spring Term 1

We have been learning about our community and the world around us through Postman Pat.

We have found out about different occupations and also how to keep and stay healthy, with a visit from the Life Bus and fruit smoothie making! We also found out it was the year of the Monkey and learnt all about Chinese New Year, as well as making our own Monkeys.

Our traditional tale this half term has been 'The Gingerbread Man', where we have thought of great ideas to help him cross the river safely and also why he shouldn't have spoken to the fox- stranger danger! We have also challenged ourselves with our weekly independent tasks, where we had to either make a Gingerbread Man, a house for him or write a healthy shopping list. I wonder what our Goldilocks challenges will be next half term?


Chinese New Year- The Dragon!
Chinese New Year- The year of the Monkey.
We chose a fruit to draw and paint.
Healthy food we like the most.
Healthy food!
What is your favourite fruit?
Our smoothies.
Instructions to make a smoothie. What did we do?
A tally of everybodys favourite fruit
Sequencing numbers from 0-20.
Creating our own maths games with a dice.
Collaborating to build the tallest tower
Drawing a road for the cars.
A bag for the Gingerbread Man.
A house with a chimney for the Gingerbread Man.
Making a house for the Gingerbread Man.
Making a bridge to help the Gingerbread Man.
Critiquing of Postman Pat drawings
Critiquing of Postman Pat drawings
Critiquing of Postman Pat drawings