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Autumn 1

Viking Conference to Parents - Friday 17th October

Exceed and Excel with Commando Joe - Tuesday 14th October

Lindisfarne Attacked!

During the first half term of the year, year 4 studied The Vikings. As part of this study the children explored a Viking raid on Lindisfarne. Using the information from the attacks, the children wrote and typed up realistic newspaper reports.

Flip Cameras

This half term class Gisbourne and Loxley have been learning how to use Flip Cameras effectively. They have been able to record each other,  then playback in order to identify points that need improving (such as background noise, clarity of speech, lighting and positioning) and to then re-record. Finally, the children have then been able to save their final recordings into their documents folder on the school server.


Next half term will see the children editing their recordings further using a program called Movie Maker. Here, they will learn how to add a title and end credits, input music to their work and to use visual effects.