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Autumn Term

In Harmony


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We've had a really positive start to our In Harmony lessons this term and have learned to play some new pieces including 'Twist and Shout' and 'Jingle Bells'.
Within our Computing lessons with Mr Beeston, we had a session looking at different age-restrictions of games, websites and apps. This was a really useful way of exploring whether or not the games and apps we play at home are appropriate for us and also gave us chance to discuss why we need restrictions. 
In Geometry during Autumn 2, we have been learning about polygons. We have explored different 2D shapes and justified whether they are regular or irregular by simply looking at the sides and angles. Are they all the same?

What did the Ancient Greeks do for me?

As part of our Ancient Greece project this term, we have been locating key geographical features on a map, we have studied the different city states, plotted important events on a timeline and researched how the Greeks have influenced our modern day Olympic Games. We also really enjoyed our food tasting afternoon where we were able to sample some traditional Greek dishes! Alongside this, we've also explored democracy and the impact Greek theatre has had on our lives today. 


In Computing with Mr Beeston, Year 5 have been learning how to program using Hopscotch and are now well on our way to becoming game designers! We have looked subject-specific terminology, understanding the meaning of action, repetition, motion, sequence and conditional to help us be successful.
On Friday 2nd October, we had our Science Day! Our focus was on solids, liquids and gases, exploring the difference between the three states of matter and naming materials which fit each group. With Mr Beeston, children used different methods to filter dirty water. With Miss Eley, we investigated capillary action, looking at how different materials react in water.