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Robin Hood Primary School Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum is knowledge rich, exciting and inspires our learners. Bespoke planning ensures horizons are broadened and minds intrigued...



As a school we follow the 2014 National Curriculum and cover the many subjects and topics as outlined in the statutory guidance. The National Curriculum only forms part of our whole school curriculum. Below is an image which sets out graphically other aspects and key areas of our whole school offer.

Our Curriculum - An explanation


Robin Hood Primary School's curriculum reflects both statutory requirements and areas of learning we feel are important for our children. Our curriculum is broad and designed to meet the needs and broaden the horizons of the children who attend our school. It has a project-based, thematic approach and provides all children with a range of rich and memorable learning experiences.


Our curriculum develops the key skills exemplified in our Learning Charter;  Challenge Yourself, Collaborate with Others, Be Proud, Reflect on your Learning, Be Resilient, Show Respect and have Thirst for Knowledge.


The Topics below shows which projects Years 1 to 6 are studying each half-term. Projects have an outcome to share with parents at the end of the half-term; such as an assembly, exhibition or item on the website. Each topic draws it's learning objectives from the Root and Branch documents (below).


Roots are the skills that the children should be acquiring and practicing during the topic and Branches are the key areas of knowledge. In the Root and Branch documents key language is highlighted, to be taught and displayed in classes.


Please also see below our Curriculum Policy which outlines the Curriculum Intent and Implementation of our Curriculum at Robin Hood Primary School.


We are also committed to ensuring children have experiences throughout their time at our primary school which "Broaden their Horizons!" so we make sure every child has opportunity to experience the "Fantastic 15 for All!" 

Assessment is used to inform future planning and identify gaps in knowledge which we seek to fill quickly. We aim as a staff to be aware of the most current educational research and pedagogical thinking so that we can engage our learners most effectively.


We want children to acquire new learning and knowledge and retain it and be able to talk about their learning confidently. We want children to connect new knowledge with existing knowledge and develop their fluency in applying this knowledge to new situations so pupils at Robin Hood can flourish. 




Every teacher at Robin Hood shares an area of their own excellence with our staff team. We have subject leads throughout the school who monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their subject. They are often supported with pupils who may be Ambassadors of a subject, e.g. Arts Ambassadors and these children work with a staff member to inspire their peers in the love of a specific subject area. Please click the link below to view our curriculum pages!



Please see below a link to see our Subject Leader Curriculum Videos, these are located in the Video Resource Centre.

If you have any further enquiries regarding the curriculum followed at Robin Hood Primary School please do not hesitate to see you child's class teacher or speak to a member of the team in the school office who will be able to assist you further.