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Summer Term 1

Problem Solving!

Both Year 4 classes worked together to answer a range of Maths problems around the classrooms. This was great to see children sharing their knowledge and supporting each other in a kind and respectful way.
In Science, we have been investigating parts of our bodies, locating them and discussing what each part does. We have spent time on Friday afternoons investigating the effects of different liquids on our teeth and also demonstrating how our Digestive System works. Both of these lessons have been practical and the children have taken a lot from them.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park (1st May)

A great start to our summer term topic, with a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park! All of the children behaved beautifully and got a lot out of the trip; seeing animals they've never seen before, some even touching a python and a cockroach! We spent five hours exploring the park, seeing lions, giraffes, lemurs and the all important polar bear.


The highlight of the year for most of us I think!