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Year 4 (Loxley and Gisbourne)

Egyptian mummies!

This week Year 4 went to the New Art Exchange in Hyson Green for a day all about Egyptian mummies. We watched clips from various films and compared the mummies in each film. We then watched the Egyptian mummification process and acted it out ourselves. We used our knowledge to write a step by step guide about mummification. Next week Mr Pepper is coming into Year 4 and we are going to make some film clips based on yesterday's trip. Look out for these next week!

Hallé Orchestra Trip

As part of Arts and Language week, Year 4 were lucky enough to go and see the Hallé Orchestra play at the Royal Concert Hall. We even played along with them which was a faboulous experience!


Arts and Language Week

This week has been Arts and Language week and we have taken part in many exciting activities. We have been on a fact finding mission around the school to find out interesting facts about William Shakespeare, learnt all about The Globe Theatre in London and created a mime based on scenes from Romeo and Juliet. As well as all of that, we have been creating our own Shakespearean words and insults just like Shakespeare did. Dictionaries weren't around until the 1700s so Shakepseare was the master at making up words!

Our creative arts inspired dress up day!

Class Loxley really enjoyed Language and Arts Week, in particular, our dress up day. During the day, the children were given the chance to explore new ways of creating stories by the John Lewis story telllers.
We loved reading the story of Romeo and Juliet and created some mimes based on our favourite scenes. We tried really hard to use appropriate body language, facial expressions and portray the right emotions. Check out our acting skills in the videos below!

Joel, Loren, Dillon and Lilli-anna.mp4

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Jesse, Riley, Khyla, Kobie and Kian.mp4

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Ashley, Libby and Michelle.mp4

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Karla Lucy and Ashley.mp4

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Shakepeare Fact Finding Mission

At the beginning of Arts and Language week, class Gisbourne performed a verse from a sonnett Called 'The King's Hunt is up' by William Gray. Please have a look at the recordings of us!


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Newstead Abbey Camping Trip

On Friday 16th May Year 4 went camping at Newstead Abbey. We had glorious sunshine and enjoyed activities such as team building games, sports activities, climbing wall and a tour of Newstead Abbey.

The Terrible Tudors!

During our topic of The Tudors we learnt a lot about Henry VIII, where he lived, what kind of person he was and of course about his 6 wives! We learnt a song about Henry and his wives and had a go at performing our own version of the song.

The Wives of Henry VIII

The tale of Henry VIII's six wives... in song!

Lojina, Lillymae, Libby and Michelle

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Dillon, Jesse, Imani, Ellie and Loren

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Kobie, Timothy, Kian. Corey and Conor

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Robin Hood Book Day

Year 4 read the Tear Thief on Book Day by Carol Ann Duffy. We loved the language that she used and had a go at writing our own similes and metaphors to describe the tears that the Tear Thief caught in her sack. As well as creating fantastic pieces of writing, we made news reports about the sighting of the Tear Thief.



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Class Gisbourne Respect Poem


Respect is made together

Respect should be given forever


Respect is caring

Respect is kind

Respect can happen at any time


Respect is here

Respect is there

Respect is given everywhere


Respect is fair

It shouldn’t be rare

Respect brings us together

Action Aid- India


On Wednesday 29th January, year 4 were given the opportunity to discover lots of different Indian facts. We had fun dressing up in traditional Indian clothes as well as exploring the vairety of animals in an Indian jungle. We were also able to use some of the typical household equipment that you would find in India. 

India Day

Today has has been an exciting day for Year 4 as we have had an India theme day. As well as making some beautiful rangoli patterns, we did some research about some interesting Indian animals and we will be making a class book of our work. We also made a vegetable Indian curry and tried some Indian foods including bhajis, samosas and pakoras.

Leon and The Place Between

Our work in literacy over the next three weeks is based on a fantastic picture book called Leon and The Place Between by Angela McAllister. It is about a young boy who adores magic and goes on an enchanting adventure inside a magical box.


We have been producing quality writing and been aiming high with our vocabulary. See if you can spot the powerful adjectives, verbs and adverbs in the following pieces of work:


We have created our own magic boxes using layering techniques. We looked carefully at the illustration from the book and used this to inspire our art work.


Christmas Cracker Event


Last week, year 4 went to Top Valley for their Christmas Cracker event. We had great fun making our Christmas decoration and getting into the Christmas spirit.




Year 4 had great fun on their WWII theme day. Lots of children came dressed as evacuees and the adults dressed up too. Everyone took part in a variety of activities throughout the day including Union Jack flag art work, a make do and mend activity, WWII research and cooking.

The Iron Man


In Literacy Year 4 have been reading The Iron Man. The children have been focussing on using powerful vocabulary and have produced some fantastic work. Here are some examples of our Ted Hughes inspired writing.