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We have been working hard to practise our adding skills. We have used 2 methods to build our confidence when adding two 2 digit numbers together. The one method we have been using is to use pictorial drawings as representations representing numbers in their tens and ones, for example 42 as 4 tens and 2 ones. The other method we have been using is crab claw, where we drew crabs claws to joins our ones and then our tens to make adding easier. We explored both methods before we chose a personal favourite. 

Addition using different methods!


We have been practising our subtraction using the two methods we had learnt about when adding- crab claw and partitioning. Firstly, we using crab claw to match up the ones and work out that answer before subtracting the tens to find the total answer. We then used base ten to partition 2 did it numbers and physically subtract the ones and then the tens.